Son De Solar Orchestra

Maikel Ortega and his Son del Solar Orchestra have been going from strength to strength – growing in success and popularity with hard work and innovation. They are currently touring Cuba with dance shows and will return with concerts, before embarking on international tours. They will also be the vehicle to record the music for our musical theatre shows that will be coming soon.

Let us introduce to our orchestra.

Son del Solar with Musical Director / Band Leader and main singer – Maikel Ortega

Maikel is an accomplished songwriter, musician and singer, fronting his orchestra with loads of steaming energy at every show.


Yusnaydys Rodriguez, Yosniel Acosta Madera, Maikel Ortega, Douglas Zayas Moré

Our Brass Section

Daniel Coello – Trumpet, Frank Eduardo – Saxophone Tenor, Yerandy Castillo – Trombone, Misael Ortega- Trombone.


Fernando Zayas – Drums

Juan Enrique – Timbales

Dariel Pimienta – Congas

Alfredo Molina – Guiro

Bass & Piano

Alain Gutiérrez – Bass

Reinier Sanchez – Piano

Daviel Bustamente – Keyboard


Lia Brendy Ortega – Violin

Support staff

Leondro Suarez Cuello – Our Technology genius – brilliant creativity & Production Manager

Yvonne Veivers – General Manager & Innovation Producer- from Australia

Support Crew:

Alfredo Molina – Administrator

Andy Lameda – Mounting Engineer

Ismael el Negrito – Mounting Engineer

Saray Figueroa – Promoter Cuba

Aidan Ramos – Sound Engineer

Carlos Macias – Sound Engineer